A Lofthome is an innovative and completely affordable solution for anyone considering having a home built to their own specifications. This is Dutch design at its best, minimalist architecture incorporating clean lines and spacious, light interiors. Each Lofthome is a one-off design because it is built for you, to meet your exact wishes. The concept for the design of the Lofthome is the brain child of the Dutch architects BKVV Architects in Amsterdam. A modular, steel frame construction that is built to exacting standards by Hardeman in their factory in the Netherlands. Lofthomes are comfortable, sustainable and energy-efficient.

Interest in loft-type accommodation has come from the transformation of disused industrial spaces. These large, high-ceiling, open-plan living spaces have long been popular. What is perhaps surprising is that so few architects have incorporated the essence of a luxury loft in their designs for modern homes. The Lofthome does this, opening up areas to create high vertical voids and dramatic spatial effects. But because it is Dutch design, it never loses sight of practical aspects. These homes deliver in terms of maximum space at a reasonable cost. High insulation values, keeping utility bills down and high-quality materials, keeping maintenance low. The steel framework means that walls can be situated anywhere you like, but they can be moveable too, because in the Lofthome there are no internal load-bearing walls. Endless alternatives of living as open plan as you wish. Blok Kats van Veen architects have drawn architectural inspiration from converted lofts of the past and have created the Lofthome for the future. Lofthomes are comfortable to live in, cool in the summer – warm in the winter, they are simple and functional, and the design speaks for itself.

The appearance of the Lofthome is determined by the steel structure and the silhouette. Inside, it is your blank canvas, for you decide what goes where. Of course, our architects are on hand to assist and guide you. After all, it is Dutch design, so it does not just look good, it is practical too. It is such a smart design that it can respond effortlessly to your requirements and your Lofthome can truly be built to personal wishes. If at any time in the future your circumstances change, it is a simple matter to change your interior layout. Need a bathroom downstairs for your twilight years? The Lofthome has no interior load-bearing walls, so such a change can be made inexpensively and with a minimum of fuss if and when the need arises – and not before it. The triple-glazed gable end floods light into the open-plan living area of your Lofthome and, thanks to its excellent insulating properties, keeps your bills low too.

The Lofthome design is not limited in size, it can be big or small and built with a gable end or a flat roof. The exposed internal steelwork, which lends the home a high-end industrial look, can be finished in a vast array of colours. The exterior of the steel frame is covered with high-quality super-insulated sandwich panels (Rc = 6.39). The solid aluminium window frames and doors are triple glazed (U-value: 0.7 W/m2K). Making your home both efficient to run and very comfortable. The exterior cladding can be completed in many different low-maintenance attractive materials and colours.

The Lofthome modules are prefabricated by Hardeman in their factory in the Netherlands, reducing costs and facilitating excellent quality control. The Lofthome shell is usually finished inside a month, with the average Lofthome completed in around three months.