Lofthome can take care of every detail of your project, from the initial idea right up to the moment you are handed the keys. As most people have little experience in building their home, we have broken down the process into steps for you. The sequential order below is not written in stone, in fact we are proud of our flexibility, but it provides a good indication of what you can expect. But we never forget it is your dream home and we work at a pace that suits you.

Stage 1
The initial concept and design consultation to establish your needs and to allow you to ascertain if we are the right supplier is completely free of charge. Taking the time to sit down together, to explore dreams and look at how they can be fulfilled, gives us the opportunity to provide you with a clear initial cost for your home, at the outset.

Stage 2
After establishing your requirements for the Lofthome itself, we need to look at the suitability of the site. This involves taking measurements and establishing levels as well as preparing an initial town planning legislation assessment, i.e. examination of the local plan/ planning history, and taking advice on any restrictions on use/access incorporated in the land deeds etc. Matters like access during construction have to be determined.

Stage 3
Lofthome can submit a full planning application and negotiate with and consult the planners on your behalf, monitoring and reviewing the application to bring it to a successful conclusion. We are just as happy to work with your own architect/agent and provide information and details as required to support the application. The initial sketches can now be refined and fleshed out and, subject to the town planning status, we would advise if an outline planning application will suffice or if a detailed planning application is needed. Sometimes it is advisable to submit a pre-planning application to assess the likely response of the local planning authority prior to preparation of a detailed planning application. Planning approvals are inevitably granted with conditions and we will also deal with those wherever possible and /or liaise with the necessary specialists to produce the required information e.g. surveys. Local planning authorities themselves have standard fees. However, the time involved in submitting a planning application can vary from one site to another.

Stage 4
Once planning permission has been granted, we will sit down with you and plan the internal layout and specifications so that this can be costed out. It is also advisable to have the stability of the land examined in a substrate survey. This is sometimes done at stage 3 (subject to planning), so that foundations and drainage costs can be assessed. After planning permission has been granted and the details have been agreed, we will provide you with a definitive all-inclusive quote with the exception of any necessary services and demolition/clearance that you may wish to arrange beforehand.

Stage 5
Here we present our project agreement including a full specification of your Lofthome for approval, and you are requested to make an initial payment. The height of this payment will depend on the level of service/degree of finish you require, ranging from a bare weather-tight shell to a complete turnkey project.

Stage 6
Next, our architects in Amsterdam will produce a complete architectural drawing package for production. We start the process of fabrication and Hardeman will produce the shell to your specifications.

Stage 7
Work on site commences, laying foundations and services. Lofthome will arrange all groundworks to be completed to our specifications and details employing a local groundwork contractor. Longley Concrete, one of our specialist UK partners, will supply and fit the concrete hollow core floor beams. The Reina group, our UK partner for plumbing and heating, will ensure all service connections comply with the statutory authorities.

Stage 8
Shipment of the shell to the UK. After completion of the groundwork foundations and floor, the shell will be transported to the building site from the Netherlands.

StageĀ 9 Assembly of the shell
The shell will be erected by our UK specialist partner MGP Steel Erection. This is a fascinating process to witness. The Lofthome shell can be completed in less than 4 weeks. This will give you a fully weather-tight building. Including all cladding, windows, doors, floors as well as the interior outer wall finish you specified. Depending on the level of finish you have requested, shell or turnkey, we carry out a shell erection hand-over inspection to check that the work undertaken by our team meets our – as well as your – stringent quality requirements and your Lofthome will be handed over to you for you to finish. If you have opted for a turnkey finish, please refer to the next step.

StageĀ 10
Following completion of the shell, the project is transferred to our project manager, who will co-ordinate his team of specialist fitters. Internal metal stud partition walls will be finished with Knauf performance plus board, which provides sound and thermal insulation. This work also incorporates the fitting of all technology and low-energy consumption utilities. This process is divided into 3 parts, the first stage of fitting takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete. The second stage, comprising finishes and fittings, follows. With decoration taking place right before the handover.

Stage 11 Landscaping
If you wish, we can landscape the plot once the building is complete.

Stage 12 Final inspection
A final inspection will be performed to ensure everything has been finished to our high standards and your requirements. Welcome to your Lofthome.